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PURE O, OCD and Anxiety Disorders


Is “PURE O” a form of OCD or another form of anxiety
symptom? What are these aggressive, sexual and violent thoughts? How are they formed? What can you do about them? PURE O is often thought to be a form of OCD but Charles Linden explains why it is so different and what to do about it.

Duration : 0:15:52

[youtube uQtECeO0EG0]

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maximuspookie, you …
maximuspookie, you have to ask yourself if you are doing everything correctly.. all of the pillars need to be erected with not a single one ignored or done halfway. I even wrote it out and put it on my bedroom wall when I was curing myself. Whenever in doubt, always ask yourself if you are doing everything. I know it might take time and effort, but this is about the only thing it takes. It took me about 6 months, and I was REALLY BAD, but eventually it erased it all.


Charles, thank you …
Charles, thank you for you reply. I have contacted support a few times. The reply I usually receive is what are you doing with the 9th. pillar. That does not really help much I’m afraid.


The support is very …
The support is very timely but I’m just asked what I’m doing with pillar 9.


Pure O is formed in …
Pure O is formed in the same way as OCD as a result of the ‘risk assessmen’ acrried out in the flight or fight response, so from that point of view, it is caused by the same mechanism BUT the only difference is that OCD causes the necessity to carry out the compulsions… same cause, different manifestation! Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter, they are both symptoms of high anxiety and can be erased by removing the subconscious anxious habit that fuels them. Charles


Maximus, are you …
Maximus, are you doing it correctly though! Like all learning processes they have to be structured and constant BUT MORE THAN THAT if you aren’t swinging the racket the right way, you won’t hit the ‘sweet spot’. Do you know what I mean? Doing it correctly is VITAL… which is why we provide our support staff!


You’re welcome!
You’re welcome!


This is a very …
This is a very informative video. Thank you for posting it!


Hello Charles Thank …
Hello Charles Thank you for this video now i know im not crazy! 1 night i got scared in my room because i thought i saw a ghost (which was the car head lights reflection on my wall) and i had awful thoughts of gouging my eye out? I got really scared cause it felt so real like i was going to do this. Everytime my eye itched and i scratched it i panicked. Eating was the worst when i used a fork i even felt depersonalization during the times.These days i have been feeling better although depressed.


Hello Charles. You …
Hello Charles. You mention that you were free from pure O within 2 days and anxiety in a few weeks. I have not had the same success and I am apart of the Linden Method. I envy your success.


Why do you think …
Why do you think Pure “O” isn’t form of OCD? With Pure “O” we have 1.Recurring, Frightening thought=obsession and 2. Mental rumination, finding the escape route or answer to bring anxiety down=compulsion. Please tell us what you think about it? Thank You.


Hi, Charles I don’t …
Hi, Charles I don’t know English well but I hop you can undestand what I want to say. I have been suffering of anxiety for 7 years and OCD for about 1 1/2 year. I took Lorazepan for 6 months but I stopped taking it 1 year ago with the help of the homeopathy. I also have the Linden method which I’m trying to put in practice because I’m suffering of unwanted, terribles, and disturbing thoughts and I’m feeling so bad. Ok my question is if I can continue taking the homeopathy while I feel better.


No, never. Once the …
No, never. Once the core anxiety is removed, these intrusive thoughts CAN’T exist. They, like all anxiety symptoms, are caused by the inappropriate anxiety level… once that is gone, so are the thoughts.


You’re a genius, …
You’re a genius, Charles. I have OCD but thought this Pure-O was OCD as well. Now i know it’s something seperate.


Hmmm… I’m sure… …
Hmmm… I’m sure… Charles explanation is reasonable. I just think some validation is necessary before I jump on the band-wagon. Besides, what Charles is saying is not far off from what the APA say about it. Pure O is an anxiety disorder. I’m just not willing to accept Charles word at face-value about the efficacy of his system. Esp., with no evidential support.


The APA is bogus. …
The APA is bogus. Its panel consists of a bunch of Psychiatrists who vote on which new disorder(s) gets put in. There were University studies on the members of the APA and not surprisingly, all of them either were in business with pharmaceutical companies. Psychiatrists just want to drug you, not really try to talk about your problems anymore.


So you’ve never …
So you’ve never heard of someone having trouble with unwanted thoughts after the anxiety disorder was fixed? Even when I was real young I remember having trouble with intrusive disturbing thoughts. They were actually just sentences, but they were so against what I actually believed that it bothered me a lot. I didn’t know it was caused by inappropriate levels of anxiety back then which I guess I had at even around age eight or nine.


I finally got off …
I finally got off of my medication and i feel alot better for it and the thoughts don’t bother me much anymore but i sometimes get this wierd thing with my eyes it’s really hard to describe it dosent happen all the time but only when i try to make eye contact with people it’s almost like my eyes are wanting to look away almost floating around combined with the feeling like everybody’s looking at me which there not lol. Just wondering if maybe you new something on that that you could post up. Thx

July 9th, 2009 at 5:26 pm

excellent video, a …
excellent video, a big help


Anxiety sufferers …
Anxiety sufferers have typically been blessed with a higher level of emotional intelligence and creativity than ‘average Joe’. This manifests itself in many ways through life, but it also, unfortunately, predisposes them to the development of anxiety conditions. Once the anxiety ‘flame’ is ignited, this superior creativity fuels the fire. The good news is… it can be reversed! Charles


I’m an artist and a …
I’m an artist and a musician, I’ve ALWAYS had a very vivid imagination. Does this increase the level of my strange feelings and thoughts or is it the othe way around?


Absolutely right, …
Absolutely right, Believe me, all my clients are intelligent and creative! When our clients are recovered, they do amazing things in life! Charles


my doctor also said …
my doctor also said im very creative and smart for having these weird thoughts and this fuels anxiety , that kinda boosted my almost 0 self esteem hehe

im sure a lot of people with anxiety also have a big lack of self esteem which i think is a different thing

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