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How do you cure sexual performance anxiety, naturally?


I need to cure my sexual performance anxiety. I always get really nervous before sex and it fucking sucks. Please, no one tell me to just relax, because it’s not that simple. I don’t want to take any medicines or talk to my girlfriend about it, it will just bring up more anxiety. So please, how do i cure this horrible thing? I will reward the most points given if your answer will truly help me, feel free to give links too.
is there any type of technique or pressure point that can make blood flow down there?

Try masterbation to lower anxiety and excitability.

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Take it slow, maximize the foreplay until you’re so pent with sexual energy that the anxiety doesn’t seem to be there. This has worked for me.

Get worked up enough that the fear just can’t compare to the desire. Pent up probably means more passion as well. If you do it with that kind of passion, you’ve got nothing to worry about. :)

All the best.
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By keeping yourself pure until the time of marriage. This is how you retain your integrity and manhood, while not having to worry about this silliness.

Men who worry about "performance" have been brainwashed by the modern world. This is not what life and love for women is all about. Women want men with strong character and a good heart, not those with a strong pelvic thrust. At least the ones who have half a brain.

Men err when they think women care about their ding-dongs or "performance."

Also, spend a lot of your spare time learning a valid martial art.
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Try masterbation to lower anxiety and excitability.
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i know you said you don’t want to hear about relaxing…but here’s the thing. i was with a guy and he had the same issues you’re having. he could get it up good…but he couldn’t let go. however..let me tell you something..he was the best out of the several lovers i’ve ever had. why? he got into it more. he did stuff they didn’t. there’s your answer. just forget about the performance anxiety. just enjoy her. believe me..before long it’ll happen. even if it doesn’t…throw yourself into it like nothing else. fact is..she might come away from it like i have with that guy..thinking you’re the best she ever had.
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life. when you throw your anxieties out the window and concentrate on what you’re doing…things get done. :)

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